Gujarat NRE Mineral Resources Limited


Oil and Gas business in Western Australia is one of the most lucrative resources investment opportunities across the globe. We are one of the largest Petroleum exploration block owners among the Indian companies venturing in Australia having acquired licenses of two oil blocks namely EP 475 and EP 458 of combined area `10640 sq km. in onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia.

Onshore Canning Basin has been adjudged as an area with huge potential for petroleum industry by department of Mines and Petroleum, Western Australia. The emphasis in explorations is on applying a range of modern Geological, Geo-Physical investigations and Government data to the aforesaid identified blocks. We have already completed detailed re-processing and interpretation of more than 1800 line km multiple vintage 2D seismic data and the results indicates huge upside potential to be delineated through acquiring fresh seismic date followed by drilling. After confirming the identified structures and traps through extensive 2D seismic data acquisition we will undertake to finalise the drilling locations after processing and interpretation of the new seismic data.

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