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Gujarat NRE Mineral Resources Limited (GNMRL), a  Gujarat NRE group company, is the holding Company of the Group. The company operates as a core investment company with substantial investments in Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. which has presence in diversified businesses viz. production of metallurgical coke, steel manufacturing and power generation from wind farms and captive waste heat recovery power plants.

Gujarat NRE group has always believed in creating wealth and sharing it with the shareholders. GNMRL,  in quest for maximizing the shareholders benefit, has declared and distributed bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1 in the year 2009, 1:2 in 2010 as well as 1:2 in 2013, wherein the promoters of the company had forgone their bonus entitlement in all the three  years. This act of the promoters had made the non-promoter shareholders beneficiary in true sense.

Apart from this, GNMRL, had declared three successive dividends - financial year 2007-08 (10%), 2008-09 (5%) and 2009-10(15%).

Recently in 2014, the Board has proposed issue  of Bonus Shares in the Ratio 1:5 i.e.; one bonus share for every five existing shares to the non-promoter shareholders for the approval of the shareholders at the AGM.

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